“BMI, MMSE, APOE and Mortality at Age 70 Years and Older: The Treviso Longeva (TRELONG) Study” presented at AD/PD 2011, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

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"Frailty, disability and survival in the elderly over the age of seventy: Evidence from The Treviso Longeva (TRELONG) Study” presented at Alliance for Healthy Aging October 20-22, 2011, Groningen, the Netherlands

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State University of New York - Medical Center, SUNY Downstate
July 31 2009 and august 2 2010 - New York City

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Published related Study: Treviso Dementia (TREDEM) Study
The Treviso Dementia (TREDEM) study: a biomedical, neuroradiological, neuropsychological, and social investigation of dementia in North-Eastern Italy

M. Gallucci, E. Mariotti, D. Saraggi, T. Stecca, M.G. Oddo, C. Bergamelli, P. Boldrini, S. Mazzucco, F. Ongaro, P. Mecocci, F. Di Paola, M. Bendini, G.L. Forloni, D. Albani, P. Antuono, L. Caberlotto, A. Zanardo, M. Siculi, G.B. Gajo, E. Durante, G. Buscato J Frailty Aging 2012;1(1):24-31
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